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About Us

Pearland…one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities…a flourishing, progressive community like no other…diverse and globally connected…ideally located…with leadership focused on creating opportunities.

Through the Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), you have a partner in launching, expanding or relocating your business. The PEDC acts as a catalyst to encourage private investment that diversifies the city’s economic base and preserves our exceptional quality of life.

PEDC is a Type B corporation that was approved in 1995 by citizens of the City of Pearland through a local election. PEDC proactively pursues new primary jobs and capital investments through a range of activities such as marketing, relationship building, project management, project support and the provision of incentives. As the principal economic development organization for our community, PEDC focuses on:

  • Business attraction, retention and marketing
  • Transportation, mobility and infrastructure
  • Corridors and beautification
  • Lower Kirby District: a 1,200-acre mixed-use development in northwest Pearland, fronting South Beltway 8 and State Highway 288

PEDC has continually worked to recruit new employers to Pearland and assist local employers with expansion, adding 5,400 jobs, retaining nearly 1,000 and bringing $1 billion in private capital investment to our city over its 25-year history.

Along with jobs and capital investment, PEDC works diligently to improve infrastructure and mobility, enhance parks and recreation, and elevate Pearland’s image and community pride, all focused on creating a compelling community for companies to grow and a destination for attracting skilled workers.

PEDC Mission Statement

PEDC is committed to enhancing our community’s economic vitality through the attraction, retention and expansion of primary employers. PEDC works to ensure our business climate and built environment strongly support these efforts by focusing on aesthetics, infrastructure, quality of life, image, workforce and quality development and redevelopment of key Pearland districts and corridors.

PEDC is a non-profit Type B Corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act and is primarily funded by a half-cent sales tax in the City of Pearland. The seven-member Board of Directors is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Pearland City Council for two-year terms.