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Target Industries

Pearland is home to multiple corporate headquarters, manufacturers and small businesses across numerous industries. Our retail sector has grown exponentially in recent years, while the construction, manufacturing and professional sectors – especially in the areas of life science, health care and energy – continue to rapidly expand.

Life Sciences and Healthcare:  Located just minutes from the Texas Medical Center (TMC) and its 61 member institutions and 100,000+ employees, Pearland is in a strategic position to attract research, treatment and health care support facilities. In fact, Pearland’s 77584 zip code is home to more TMC workers than any other zip code in the Houston region. As a hub for medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and health research, the Houston region has more than 1,760 life sciences companies, cutting-edge health care facilities and research institutions.

Energy: Pearland is located in the “Energy Capital of the World,” with 4,600 energy sector companies specializing in the exploration, extraction and transportation of both oil and gas resources, as well as companies servicing equipment and providing engineering services in all aspects of the industry. Some of Pearland’s largest employers are energy service companies.

Manufacturing: Pearland has long been known for its strong base of manufacturing companies. And the greater Houston region is home to nearly 6,400 manufacturers that employ over a quarter-million skilled workers.

Business & Professional Services: With a diverse and talented workforce, no corporate or personal income tax, and an outstanding quality of life for employees, it’s easy to see why employers choose Pearland for their headquarters and regional office projects.

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