/ Annual Report

Annual Report

Each year, PEDC produces an annual report – this report summarizes the activities the corporation has undertaken over the past year and provides a glimpse into our continued efforts to shape our community’s future and ensure Pearland remains a community of choice in greater Houston.


Over the past year, the PEDC continued to coordinate the implementation of the community’s Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan, collaborating with local partners to make progress on all the plan’s seven focus areas. Significant implementation highlights include the launch of the Pearland Innovation Hub and the completion of our community’s workforce development strategy; continued infrastructure improvements in Lower Kirby, along State Highway 35 and in Old Townsite; and the start of the final phase of beautification efforts along the State Highway 288 corridor. The plan’s website – www.pearlandprosperity.com – is where you can view plan documents and progress updates.

On behalf of the PEDC staff and Board of Directors, we would like to thank the Pearland community for its support as we work to enhance our economic vitality through the attraction, retention and expansion of primary employers and continue to ensure the creation of new opportunities for Pearland and its residents.

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