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Syzygy Plasmonics

Syzygy Plasmonics, a Houston-based startup founded in 2018, is pioneering a technology that produces clean, distributable hydrogen from various feedstocks. Syzygy’s platform technology is based on a field of science called photocatalysis, where the company is using light from LEDs that are driven by renewable electricity to perform chemical reactions. This technology can electrify the production of many chemicals that form the foundation of human society, such as hydrogen, liquid fuels, fertilizer, and other chemical raw materials. By creating these commodities using renewable electricity, Syzygy strives to achieve its goal of preventing a gigaton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere by 2040.

In May 2022, Syzygy Plasmonics announced it had leased a 44,800 square-foot building in Pearland for its new headquarters, R&D, and manufacturing facility. The PEDC and city officials began working with Syzygy in 2021 on its relocation to Pearland. Syzygy is leasing the former Industrial Polymers building from Welcome Group. The 44,800 square-foot building, located at 3250 S. Sam Houston Parkway, serves as the company’s headquarters, research and development and manufacturing site for its product and is home to approximately 60 employees.