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Broadway Corridor Development Plan Showcases Opportunities for Continued Community Improvement and Collaboration with TxDOT’s Widening of the Broadway Corridor

For Immediate Release
May 12, 2020

Melissa Black
Pearland Economic Development Corporation

Broadway Corridor Development Plan Showcases Opportunities for Continued Community Improvement and Collaboration with TxDOT’s Widening of the Broadway Corridor

 PEARLAND, Texas — The Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) in partnership with the City of Pearland released the Broadway Corridor Development Plan, providing a robust and diverse array of recommendations developed in anticipation of the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) widening of Broadway Street, also known as FM 518. The study area of the plan encompasses developments along Broadway from SH 288 to SH 35, which corresponds to the Pearland Prosperity Community Strategic Plan’s priority to continue to improve the economic vibrancy of the City’s primary commercial corridors.

Broadway is one of Pearland’s principal corridors, historically contributing roughly $911 million in annual sales to the City’s economy. It is the highest traveled non-freeway corridor in the City serving the highest density retail areas. East of SH 288, Broadway carries nearly 50,000 vehicles per day, and is severely congested during peak hours and weekends. Traffic Safety and Mobility was ranked as the top priority according to community input received during the planning process via survey, interviews, stakeholder meetings and a community-wide open house.

The TxDOT widening project presents unique benefits and challenges. TxDOT’s widening of the roadway will relieve traffic congestion, and reconstruction will improve access management and safety along the corridor; however, a separate study was needed to evaluate related business and community impacts, and the degree to which TxDOT’s widening project will modify or reduce parking, driveways, signage, landscaping, and sidewalks. The City of Pearland and PEDC recognize the importance of working collaboratively with TxDOT to meet the transportation needs while advocating for and innovating solutions to meet the community’s needs.

Key Findings and Plan Recommendations

Maximizing mobility and safety was identified as the top priority by participants of the plan’s survey, open house, and interviews. Accordingly, the focus of the plan is on the impact of the roadway reconstruction and widening. Multiple recommendations are made to reduce the right-of-way needs for TxDOT’s project, along with a property impact analysis of the widening on specific representative parcels. The plan also includes recommendations on drainage, utilities, bike/pedestrian facilities, regulatory framework and approaches to approve the appearance of the corridor. Key findings and recommendations include the following:

  • The existing right-of-way is currently 100 to 120 feet wide depending on location within the corridor. TxDOT plans to widen the right-of-way to 150 feet. The plan proposes to reduce needed right-of-way from the currently proposed 150 feet to 140 feet, which could reduce impacted commercial acreage by 6.6 acres, or 27%.
  • TxDOT’s current design proposes the use of large swales, or ditches, to keep the roadway free of standing or pooling water. The plan proposes reconstructing the roadway as an urban cross section with underground drainage as opposed to utilizing open ditches.
  • The plan recommends aesthetic components that allow place-making opportunities and create design unity along Broadway during the design phase.
  • The plan recommends that TxDOT provide contractor incentives to minimize construction delays and business interruption to further reduce impacts to Pearland’s business community while supporting the efficient construction of the project.

PEDC and the City of Pearland look forward to continued collaboration with TxDOT on its widening project in order to reduce business impacts and develop a corridor that will be attractive for jobs and investment for generations to come.

Click here to read the Broadway Corridor Development Plan.

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