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Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan Focuses on Business Opportunity, Infrastructure and Quality of Life for Residents

For Immediate Release

July 9, 2020

Melissa Black
Pearland Economic Development Corporation

Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan Focuses on Business Opportunity, Infrastructure and Quality of Life for Residents

 PEARLAND, Texas —The Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), the lead economic development group for the Pearland community, announced the completion of the community’s Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan in 2020. The plan details a strategic focus of resources on infrastructure improvements, economic growth and recovery, as well as an emphasis on quality of life benefits for all residents.

Earlier this month, a website was launched for the community strategic plan – www.pearlandprosperity.com – where all plan documents are available to download and progress updates will be added as implementation of the plan continues.

PEDC continues its focus on the long-term and sustainable economic health of the community–ensuring that Pearland has the qualities a community needs to prosper now and in the future. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, PEDC has provided constant updates and resources to businesses in the community to navigate the challenging and changing business landscape.

In a combined strategic economic development plan effort, PEDC aligned with local government, education, healthcare and business entities to focus on key issues such as business development, infrastructure, quality of life and quality of place. The plan for 2020 culminates in two overarching goals: economic growth and diversification as well as ensuring that Pearland is a community of choice in greater Houston.

Business Development remains a top priority of the Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan. As the number of employers has grown, the tax base is still dependent on residential property, as well as retail sales taxes. PEDC continues to cultivate new business and focus on pursuing primary job growth within the community’s borders to ensure a stable future.

Pearland boasts many opportunities within the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Recent notable additions include the HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement training facility which broke ground in February and will serve as a training center for more than 7,000 nurses. Other recent additions to Pearland include Lonza Houston, Inc., currently the world’s largest dedicated cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility and Adient Medical, a medical device manufacturer.

With the creation of the 1,200-acre Lower Kirby district along an undeveloped stretch of Kirby Drive at the southwest corner of State Highway 288 and Beltway 8, the PEDC designated an area to attract additional healthcare, life sciences, technology, research, manufacturing as well as office and retail business opportunities.

Infrastructure is a top priority as is continuing to advocate for and developing additional resources to fund these projects. Stakeholders agree that investing in key corridors to make them aesthetically pleasing and efficient directly correlates to the recruitment and retention of new industries and businesses.

Pearland is making noticeably significant progress on highway projects such as the expansion and gateway beautification efforts along SH 288, SH 35 and FM 518/Broadway. Road and highway projects are designed to ease internal mobility within the Pearland commute routes to major job centers.

In addition, Pearland residents responded that quality of life and quality of place rate highly on their priorities when it comes to creating a vibrant community that is a top choice in the Greater Houston area. Mixed-use developments and walkable activity hubs are important to residents as well as potential residents and will be pursued and expanded.

Stakeholders would like to see a large-scale community gathering place come into fruition soon. Although an agreement on specifics has yet to be reached, possibilities include an indoor sports facility or hotel conference center.

Development of the trails and multi-modal master plans such as the Clear Creek Trail Master Plan will enhance the walkability of the community, improving and beautifying the community’s signature trails and parks.

The Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan builds upon the Pearland 20/20 strategy, which was developed in 2013 and has served to springboard several recent community improvements.

Nearly 80 local business, government, education and civic leaders participated in interviews and provided feedback regarding community issues and opportunities. Feedback from this step along with quantitative data allowed for a rigorous community assessment and provided a narrative to address the community’s issues and opportunities in the plan.

Then the community and steering committee (made up of the PEDC Board of Directors, City Council, Chamber of Commerce, school districts and other key leaders) assessed which goals had been met from the Pearland 20/20 strategic plan, which goals had not yet been reached, challenges facing goal implementation, and how to move past those challenges expeditiously.

To read the full Pearland Property Strategic Plan with the list of priorities in its entirety, visit www.pearlandprosperity.com.

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